Preschool Award
We support all those who develop child-centred preschool education and perfect the educational environment. We create a community of the strong.
Award has been held in Russia for over five years and is aimed at creating a sustainable community of professionals who create an environment where children are happy and realize their potential.
Rybakov Preschool
other nominations, we have launched a new global nomination category - Education Community Leader, in order to support people who positively influence the development of best practices in preschool education.
This year, along with five
Are you an Education community leader?
Take part in the competition!
A nomination for leaders of worldwide educational communities in the sphere of preschool and primary education.
What you need to participate:
Submit an application
Describe the most successful project developed by you in your community
Record a 2-minutes video presentation about yourself and your community
For 20 winners:

Invitations to the Summer School
1 000 $
November 30 2020
Applications submission launch
January 20
Applications submission deadline
Publication of results
Summer school
Rybakov Foundation is a private philanthropic organization founded by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov in 2015. The Foundation strives to create conditions in which any child can receive quality education.

The foundation supports kindergartens and schools that provide for a smooth transition between educational levels and create a community in which children form a proactive attitude and develop due 21st century skills.
In what language are the applications for the competition accepted?
The working language of the competition is English.
What are the features of the project to qualify for the application?
Your project should demonstrate your organizational skills and the potential of your community, in what way you have positively influenced the education and what changes you have introduced. In particular, a project may be based on your proprietary methodology, some regular event, a media project, a social initiative, etc.
What is the Summer School?
This is an annual event that has been held by the Rybakov Foundation in Russia for five years. This is a great opportunity to meet and get together with like-minded people, to improve professional competencies and develop leadership skills.

During the week, the attendees of the Summer School:

  • will attend lectures and master classes by leading Russian experts in the field of preschool education and early development
  • will take part in development of projects, get advice from the authors of advanced methods in preschool education
  • will be trained by experts in practical work 
In addition, the School programme the will include round table discussions, workshops, networking, agile formats, business games and other interesting events.

In 2021, the Summer School will become international. All Rybakov Preschool Award winners will be able to take part in the competition.

What is the format of the forthcoming Summer School?
In 2021, the Summer School will be held in a mixed format: online and offline. Foreign winners may also take part in the Summer School and join the community of competition pedagogues.
Competition regulations
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Accepting applications starts on November 30
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